Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I realized I should've maybe noted earlier that a few days after recording with Ceylan, I flew back to school, which, sadly, is flat and tunnel-less. With all of the other performers and potential performers scattered around in various schools in various states, there will, unfortunately, be no postings for quite some time.

BUT, the good news is that I have several pieces ready for test-runs with musicians, as well as others in the works, including...
  • A solo for cello in the JFK Pedestrian Tunnel near the SF Conservatory of Flowers
  • A solo for flute in a giant creek drainpipe (Albany/El Cerrito)
  • A duet for two clarinets back in the Cordonices/Berkeley Rose Garden tunnel (this time with a narrative related to the garden side)
and hopefully something in the Solano Ave tunnel; maybe a UCLA parking garage; maayybe something for Central Park in NY; and of course, more pieces as I hear about more tunnels.

If any random souls out there in cyberspace have found the blog and/or the youtube channel, please subscribe! After all, the project is partly about reaching the ears of passers-by, be they out in the world or on the internet.

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