Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Tunnel Project- "Child's Discovery"

Read the performance/recording day recap. 
The Tunnel Project- "Child's Discovery" 
Are there monsters in the tunnel? We may never find out.
Location: Cordonices Park, Berkeley, CA

(Please excuse the low recording quality! I should have done some more testing with mic levels).

In general, I'm attempting to use the natural reverberation of the tunnels to an advantage. I'd hoped that by including arpeggiations of triads and other chords, after a few measures of repetition, there would be some sort of chordal reverberation-type effect built into the performance. This tunnel turned out to be not so acoustically prime for that, so it didn't really allow for much beyond a tiny tiny amount. For fun, I cranked up some reverb to the maximum in Logic and decided to post the end result as well. 


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